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Prime instability A64 Win OS or CPU/Ram issue

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Well som of U allready know my setup and part of whats been going on but i had some issues at the beginning not being able to run DC - solved by 2.18 BIOS. Since then I havnt been able to be prime stable in more then Stock. I am game Stable however.


Well yesterday I flashed to 3.10 and its even better works good on auto and Im up to 275 in Memtest +86 v1.51 (in the BIOS) but i still just cant get Prime to around in more then 200. (220 works for a couple of hours).


Now I have a number of alternatives that might be causing this.


XP install again (I hate reinstalling so thats why it hasnt been done yet). installed XP on the 1.25 BIOS and I immidiatly got error messages.


Weak memory controller

Wrong sticks


Hmm... Just sitting here typing and explaining the problem has helped but Ill post anyway so I dont have to rewrite it all when/if it doesn't help.


The plan. Ill format and reinstall. If that doesnt work Ill look into the venice and new sticks.

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