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915P network driver issues

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while setting up my system, i had a problem installing the network drivers. the chipset and audio drivers installed no problem, but when i try the network part of the cd, it says "invalid drive F:/". with both of my hdd's and my optical drives plugged into the mobo, my secondary hdd is drive F..... but, because i have 1 IDE connection on the mobo and 1 SATA/PATA adapter, i only have room for 3 of those 4 drives (2 HDD's and 1 optical). that makes my secondary drive E:/


has anyone seen this before. i'm using the bios on the manufacturer's cd. i can't get online with my new rig until i install the marvell LAN drivers.


also, for some reason, when i'm in windows and i try to go under the start menu i get an error that says explorer needs to close. if i press debug, explorer shuts down and i have to go under task manager to run explorer, then i can access "my computer" and "control panel" without an issue. only that once, though. if i want to do it again, i have to shut down explorer and start it up again.


did i mess something up?

specs in sig, thanks for all the help.

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