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NF3 250 wont re-boot

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My machine wont re-boot. If I save the bios. The bios is saved but the machine doesn't re-boot and I have to switch it off (it stays on a blank screen), wait maybe 8 seconds and it then will switch on. The same happens if I tell windows to re-boot


I initially thought it maybe the PSU and so replaced it with a Enermax 470w still no difference. My Kingmax Ram has been working @ 538Mhz in my Intel system without issue. I've also tried my Geil Ultra platinum PC4000 and again no difference.


I'm still on the stock bios. Will one of the beta's resolve the issue?


p.s. The machine works perfectly when it's booted.



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This is the "primo" example of a USEFUL signature. One that aids in trouble shooting your problem and relieving those trying to help of having to be mind readers.



DFI XXXXX Motherboard

Bios AN81D107 01/07/04

Fortron 530WATT PowerSupply

3200XP+ Stock speed

2x256MB Corsair PC3200C2 Rev1.1

512MB Corsair PC3200C2 Rev5.1

120G Maxtor,160G Seagate

200G Western Digital

Sony DVD±R ±RW Burner

Pioneer 16X DVDrom

Promise Ultra 133TX2 IDE Contoller

BBI 9800 Pro 128MB

Audigy II

D-Link F5D5000 10/100 NIC

Windows XP Pro SP 2

Nvidia 5.03 chipset drivers + Omega 2.5.97 Radeon drivers.


And what memory will do in an Intel system is of practically no value to an AMD system other than to know the sticks are not just flat dead.


And how do you know it saved the bios if the computer will not boot up afterwards and what in the world did you type into the bios that the board does not like and refuses to boot after you put whatever information in it that you are inputting?



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The fact that the memory works fine in the Intel proves that it is good RAM. And having tried both sets of memory Geil Ultra Platinum PC4000. all but eliminates the RAM being the problem.


The machine wont re-boot even if the bios is set to defaults.


Please bare in mind the machine WILL boot, it wont Re-Boot.


When changes are made in the bios they are retained.

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