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[RESOLVED]9/14 BETA BIOS>> thermal throttling and no boot

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Okay, I am a very happy 0wner of:

DFi LANparty 250UT (stock BIOS)

AMD Athlon64 3200 AMA3200BEX5AR DTR

GEiL Ultra-X 2-2-2-5 512x2


Whenever I disable thermal throttling in the BIOS, the computer fails to POST, it simply wont turn on.

However, once thermal throttling is enabled, the computer will post.


I have performed a search for thermal throttle on the forums and not come up with anything relevant.


Other details:

WD Raptor 36GB (SATA-4)

Seagate Barracuda 80GB (IDE)

3 SONY optical drives, CRX230, CRX220, DDU1611

HiS ATi 9600XT 128MB x8AGP Platignum

CODEgen 550W PSU

CL SB Audigy2V



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