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Hey AG and or anyone that can help.. I was running my computer last night and during a benchmark of 3dmark03 the program crashed and shut the computer down. I booted it back up and ran into many stability issues. Turns out one of my crucial sticks died and won't pass anything in memtest86. Now the real problem is I can get my computer to boot with the other stick but now it is really sluggish and I can no longer run HT (hyperthreading) even when its enabled. I ran the cpu benchmark in sisoft sandra and I'm right in line with the 3.4E non HT score. But for some reason I lost all HT ability and the computer doesn't seem to run right. Windows loads slow and pauses alot. So would it be the chip or the motherboard causing the issue you think??? I need a few opinions here before I start trying to replace things.. :sad:

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