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LAN issues on LP NF3 250GB

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This is my second DFI board and it has been great.


That said, there is a problem with the LAN set up. I have been reinstalling windows a lot more than usual, and everytime i do, the first problem I get is connecting to any router.


Using XP Pro with SP1, I would install all the drivers, play around with the connection settings, restart the computer, and it seemed to work ok.(i reinstall that version of windows about 3 times with the same results)


Last night i got my hands on XP Pro with SP2 and decided to install it. After installing all the drivers i was getting an IP and everything looks like its ready to go until i try to ping an IP or connect to the router's GUI, or the internet.


Things i have tried:

ipconfig /release, /renew

repairing the connection (no problems with that)

manually assigning an IP

setting a low connection speed - 10 half

ping other IPs on the network - no luck

going slightly crazy - maybe

contact DFI - its a sunday:(


If anyone has had this problem or knows something, any help is appreciated.




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It works!


I dont think it has any relation, but i disabled the 1394 connection and the internet connection icon appeared in the Network Connections window.


Now the only thing is the internet connection icon says its disabled, even when you tell it to connect it says its disabled, anyway im on the internet, i cant complain :P


Thanks psy^ that probably was the problem

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