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  1. Run diskmgmt.msc Right cllick partition Choose 'change drive letter' Have fun :nod: :shake:
  2. Hey no problemo :cool: Where did you find that by the way?
  3. It indeed does appear that the ITE Smart Guardian has been recompiled for 64-Bit Windows. Handy if you don't like MBM5 i guess More apps here, in case anyone is having trouble tracking down stuff they need to use XP x64: http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/forums.asp?s=2&c=9&t=10222
  4. Is it a SATA drive? I'd go for SATA then :shake:
  5. Ditto :nod: Heh, where 'bout do you live man? Me, i'm in the Eltham area :shake:
  6. Heh that's great to hear Jason Mine wasn't so easy - after over 8 hours of troubleshooting i finally bit the bullet and got the card replaced by the GeCube distributor. New card works awesome. http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=1863235 Really awesome :nod:
  7. 4 sticks of memory will atleast need 2T timing, possibly also 166 divider. It's a limitation of the A64 memory controller, but varies from chip to chip.
  8. In a stock config LDT of 1.2v should be plenty. Actually LDT should be the last thing you increase, generally it goes CPU then Chipset in order of increasing stability. Memory vooltage plays a part of course but that's a different ball park when you're chasing the high cpu clocks :nod: :shake:
  9. There's actually a 64Bit beta 6.56 nforce pack floating around which i use to great success. Have a squiz on guru3d.com :nod:
  10. You can say that again The way i see it i'll be tweaking everything in my system for max performance eventually. DFI might be a little less stable to begin with, but it sure pays off in the end. Since the 754 ut250gb, i've been stuck to DFI :nod: :shake:
  11. Interesting .. i might have to try that BiOS you're using. The fact that jasonsupreme can't get his working with a 600w PSU makes me think the Antec isn't the culprit. For example I've seen an x1800XT running on a 430w PSU. System would boot, windows would load and all your regular apps would run fien, but anything 3D would crash the system pretty much instantly. But first off i'll try fully clearing the CMOS like that. Thanks for the help everyone :cool:
  12. Not powerful enough to power a mobo, cpu, 1 stick of memory, a 120mm fan, and the x1900XTX? I know these cards are power hungry, but damn. I don't understand how installing video drivers will help my system POST with the x1900xtx installed. Maybe i wasn't completely clear but the board will not POST with just the x1900xtx installed, let alone BOOT. Keeping the 6600GT in my rig isn't an option.
  13. Personally i try to avoid using any fans of the mobo headers at all. That said, they're meant to be good for 8w or so.
  14. Well guys, i'm stumped :confused: I simply canNOT get this system to even POST with the x1900XTX installed. Test system specs are as follows Antec Smartpower 2.0 500w PSU dfi nf4 ultra-d r.ad0 w/623 bios 1gb mushkin xp 4000 or 512mb centon advance 3200 venice 3000+ or san diego 3700+ thermalright xp120 w/ultra high speed panaflow no drives, no usb devices I've tried the usual mobo on box with no drives or usb devices plugged in, 1 memory stick in the orange slot furthest from the socket. Even tried the yellow one on the edge. Both with either a stick of centon tccd or mushkin tccc. I even tried swapping CPUs, between a venice 3000+ and a san diego 3700+. No difference. The PSU certainly isn't the issue here; it's an Antec Smartpower 2.0 500w PSU. I've tried a dedicated PCI-E lead, and also a PCI-E -to- dual molex splitter, to spread the power load over 2 of the modular rails. No difference. Even tried booting with a 6600GT, loading optimised defaults, then powering down to try with the x1900XTX. No difference. The only thing i can think of is the BiOS. I have another system next to me with a R.AD0 nf4 Ultra-D, also using 6/23 BiOS. Tried this card in that system, and the system won't post. What i do get (in both systems) are 3/4 leds on the board lighting up, with the 4th one flashing for a while, then all dropping back to the initial led lit. Then the board beeps; 1 long and 2 short, or 1 long and 3 short depending on the PCI-E slot i try. I think the upper slot gives the 3 short beeps usually. That seems to be a 'Video card not found and/or video memory bad' error from what i can find, whereas the 2 beep error is simply 'Video card not found' I've successfully got into bios with both the 6600gt and x1900xtx slotted in, each on seperate monitors. The x1900xtx display never turned on :shake: I'm planning to take this card back tomorrow, but is this a known issue? I'd love it if a BiOS could somehow .. magically .. make the card compatible :nod:
  15. You'll need to slipstream the drivers into your XP installation. nLite works really well for me
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