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So Hellfire's BIOSes are great, but...

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Which one do you use?


So many to choose from on Hellfire's site: http://hellfire.enclavenet.com/


[ ] N24ID619-3EG-REV2.zip 16-Aug-2004 21:42 281K

[ ] N24ID619-3EG-REV3.zip 19-Aug-2004 22:01 284K

[ ] N24ID619-8KA-REV2.zip 12-Sep-2004 04:48 308K

[ ] N24ID619-Hell-3EG.zip 16-Aug-2004 21:42 281K

[ ] N24ID619-Hell-131.zip 16-Aug-2004 21:42 281K

[ ] N24ID619-Hell-C18.zip 16-Aug-2004 21:42 281K

[ ] N24ID619-Hell2-131.zip 16-Aug-2004 21:42 280K

[ ] N24LD619-3EG-REV2.zip 16-Aug-2004 21:43 305K

[ ] N24LD619-3EG-REV3.zip 19-Aug-2004 22:01 308K

[ ] N24LD619-8KA-REV2.zip 12-Sep-2004 04:48 332K

[ ] N24LD619-Hell-3EG.zip 16-Aug-2004 21:42 305K

[ ] N24LD619-Hell-C18.zip 16-Aug-2004 21:43 285K


Now, you can immediately eliminate half of them by the type of board you're using.


In my case, a LP-B, so that cuts me down to all the N24LD*


Now from here it gets complicated... In the massive sticky thread, there's pages upon pages of discussion as to which BIOS is better for what type of RAM, and that's where I fall down.


Right now I'm running a pair of KHX3200/512 (since they were packaged in the KHX3200K2/1G I'm assuming they're BH-5, but I'm not 100% on how to check) I'm also running the 3EG-REV2 right now, but I'm wondering if either the 3EG-Rev3 or 8KA-REV2 would help out. Of course, I could always try them the hard way, but if anyone would care to help distil some knowlege as to which BIOS is better, that'd be more than welcome.

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to check if they are bh-5 look under the heatspreader


Now I have the same ram if I remember correctly and I am using the same bios as you (3eg rev2). i have found it to be the most stable out of all the ones i have tried but then again every component is different. See sig. for what I am running



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