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  1. I just tried ---seems to make a little difference Paul
  2. to be honest it is the only way to be 100% sure what kind of chips the ram has
  3. to check if they are bh-5 look under the heatspreader Now I have the same ram if I remember correctly and I am using the same bios as you (3eg rev2). i have found it to be the most stable out of all the ones i have tried but then again every component is different. See sig. for what I am running Paul
  4. that makes 3 of us --and I'm trying that technique tonight!!!!!!!!! Paul
  5. I tried using the new 8ka bios and I was getting random blue screen error message -the usual irq not less than or equal too I was previously using the eg rev 3 and have no problems whatsoever when using both bios my settings were exactly the same so I dont know what the problem could be or maybe my setup doesnt like the new one any ideas Hellfire Paul
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