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Cannot install drivers on PRO875B motherboard

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I recently purchased a LP PRO875B rev. B motherboard. The utility CD I recieved with the board does not work, when I put it into my computer (or any other computer for that matter) I get the message "System cannot recognize disk..."


The utility disk I recieved with the board reads:



nF3 250Gb Ver.001"


Is this even the right disk for my board?


I have already gone to the DFI website to download the appropriate drivers for the motherboard. Specifically I have downloaded:


CMEDIAWDM-51201042 (audio driver),

INF_502-1002 (Intel INF utility),

LP875LANALL (lan driver),


The audio driver and the INF driver installed with no problems, the ethernet driver however will not install, after I hit the install button I get the message "Windows cannot find 'APPSSETUPSetupBDW98-WS32SetupBD.exe"


To try and get around this error I tracked down a copy of SetupBD.exe and created the appropriate path with the install files for the ethernet adapter. After making this change I tried to install the drivers and recieved a different error "The application has failed to start because Netinst.dll was not found."


I am kind of at a loss as to what I should do to get my ethernet adapter up and running so any help would be appreciated.

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yep that is the incorrect driver disk for your motherboard. hit the email link in my sig and i'll get donna to send you teh correct driver disk ;)


as for your LAN driver, it sounds like the win98 driver is what you downloaded...but far as i know it should be the same package that contains the win98/2k/xp driver.


since you got a comp running, let me know if you have MSN and add me:


[email protected]


and I will send you the correct driver right off the cd-rom ;)


that should hold ya together until the right driver disk gets there ;)

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