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DIMM Slots

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Just wondering if this a problem with this board. when i put the memory in slots in dimm2 and 3 it will post, it wudnt boot into windows tho, i ran memtest and it gave me loads of errors and thats at stock speed , mem 1:1 - 200. is this normal or what i mean its fine in the other slots. i can run , 1 and 3 or just one stick in each slot and it works, just wont work when i use two dimms in slots 2 and 3, the thing is iam trying to use the memory ddr booster tho i can only fit in slot 1 with two dimms installed..... can any one shine any light on this subject?:confused:

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...... the only way the OCZ Booster will work on the

DFI UT is if it is placed in slot 1 and there is only 1

stick of RAM used and placed in slot 3.


Also, Vdimm will have to run at 3.5V or less to get

'er to boot.


Nature of the Booster Beast.


...... and welcome to The Street.....

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