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  1. .... my money says it's a Winnie chip problem. Winchester chips are S939. I just built a MSI Neo2 Plat. but used a FX53 instead of of a Winchester and have no problem running it under my modded Mach 1. The Winchester doesn't want to boot at anything below -20C regardless of which brand mboard it's mounted on. Tells me the cache memory system is going south on the Winnie. This same thing hapened to us when the original Barton chips came out. Some of those would drop 1/2 of their L2 cache when we put 'em to phase-change. The Big Guns have no sub-zero problems as they stay with the FX55's. onepagebook over at XS had some recent success with a Winnie on an ASUS NF4 but I think it may have been because his chip was one of the latest ones to recently come out of AMD's supply fron Driesden. Pops.
  2. man it's been posted in the past at different places like XS etc. that the first production run that OCZ sold caused problems for a lot of peeps. it was RMA city for a bunch of 'em. next/later batch had things back in line it seems. Pops.
  3. Popcicle

    New Motherboard Purchase ?

    Service like that is common with GameVE. Wait until you hear stories of peeps trying to RMA with them. For the longest time they couldn't get their listings on their products right worth a darn. They used to try and sell CPU's by specific steppings. I'll let you guess how that worked out. I dunno......
  4. Popcicle

    Dual PSU setup, maddness?

    ..... the two must have a common ground between themselves.
  5. Popcicle

    Fortron 530 Watt Question

    Use a digital multimeter and check your line voltages the proper way. Radio Shack has'em cheap. Going by readings you see in BIOS or some proggy are a no-no. These readings are just coming/taken off of some mboard sensor that isn't calibrated very closely.
  6. Popcicle

    Just one question.

    .... it all comes down to the present embedded memory controller we are dealing with. Now we are trying to stuff the memory bus with 2 gigs of RAM and the bus system was choked with double-banked sticks that totaled 1 gig. So I ask myself what does the average user set as some kind of limit to how much DDR is actually needed? Aaha. Now the gamers need minimum 1 gig. Things become a vicious circle. With HTT given all of this a direct shot (so to speak) to the memory controller for some fast travel .... things are gong to choke somewhere. I see AMD has plans for memory controller improvements on their readmap. Such as to better work with DDR2 etc. etc. But we'll find a way to choke it somehow. Pops.
  7. Popcicle

    Power supply question

    I was surfing around one night 2 years ago. My Enermax 350W blew up and confetti paper crap went everywhere. Sounded like a shotgun went off. Peed my pants. :eek: Took 2 days to get my cat to come down off the ceiling.... That was was my last Enermax. It had the lousiest +5V rail you ever seen. Fortron (Sparkle) are the best bang for the buck around. They really shine for the cost. Adjustable pots if you wanna play. I would recommend one of these to anyone. I run PCP&C on my serious systems. But the cost of PCP&C is prohibitive to a lot of folks. The only PSU out there that will give you 1% line regulation. I had to diet on noodles for a couple of weeks so I could afford a PCP&C, but what the hell everything has it's price. Pops.
  8. A ton of good information in this thread (long thread) but everything you need is in there...... http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=26280 Use a digital multimeter and check your voltages the proper way or it's all going to be a futile effort. Radio Shack has gott'em and they aren't that expensive. Trying to just go by readings you pick up in BIOS or by some software program is only going to cause you to shoot yourself in the foot. :eek: Pops.
  9. Yep. Let me fo find you a link on how that's done proper. With some pics. Pops.
  10. Popcicle

    FX on a nf3 250Gb?

    ..... easiest thing to do is take your handy dremel and gouge the cpu socket all out so the FX fits.
  11. "With the same clock speed and BIOS settings will the CG perform any better than the C0 in my rig at the current settings?" Yes.... because of the memory cache increase on the CG.
  12. Popcicle

    So far so good

    How ya gonna run a FX55 on a S754 board?
  13. First thing I would do is use something other than the 8/27 BIOS. Use one of the Jess modded versions.