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CPU runs at 59C idle!!!

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Well I didnt think this is such a concern, well no I did, but not as much as after I read that people were worried that their CPU temps run at 30C and extremely causious at 40C!


My mobo shows me that my CPU temperature is 57-59C idle, and at load is about 64-65C. My case temperature is about 41-43C. I know both readings are true, is because I have another LCD fan controllerwhich shows me that the case temperature is 41-43. So mobo is right. Also my room heats up like crazy when I have it running for about an hour.


HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN THOUGH? I bought a Zalman AlCu 7000 fan, and have 3 more case fans (no exhaust fan at the back though, but it shouldnt matter MUCH). The temps are insane, or so people tell me, for a Northwood. How can I fix this??




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