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I have source inside NVIDIA which has granted me access to some information about a massive LAN comming up:


NVISION is going to be a Guinness world record breaking event, taking over most of the convention buildings in Downtown San Jose, California (ie, the buildings Showdown LAN 2k6, 2k7 were in, plus more)


The LAN Party is going to be open 24 hours all 3 days


The ESWC will hold their finals there, which is the first time in ESWC history it's having finals outside of Europe


Thousands of gamers and industry professionals will be there from all over the world (game and hardware modders, overclockers, game publishers, hardware guys, etc)


Lots of benefits of being in ClubSLI: Access to the ClubSLI Lounge, free drinks, etc


Official Amateur Tournament with games like COD4 and others


More than a just a LAN Party:


NVArt Digital Art Show

Talent Show

Exhibition Show Floor

A 3D Museum





$35 before June 1

$50 after June 1

($35 food coupon with BYOC ticket)


I'll try and keep you guys updated as far as details, let me know if you have any suggestions, and I'll pass it on.

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