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when it rains it pours


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in the most odd ball twist of fate I saw this today. stopped in a chinese restraunt today, which is right next to the only remaining CBW location (it moved several months ago). sign on the door with some jibberish about "by order of the state of michigan".



puzzled I called one of the few remaining people I knew from way back when. stemmed from 2 big boo-boo's that the most recent former owner had made.



1: mandatory sunday morning meetings for ALL employees of the michigan stores (which has faded down from 6 to 1 in the last year), and build center employees. NO pay, but failure to appear results in instant termination. Michigan's wage and hour division doesn't take to kindly to this and fined the crap out of the owner. the closest you get to a slap on the wrist.


2: 2 weeks ago, instead of pay checks... a "sorry no checks this week" note in the envelopes. wage an hour called again. no more CBW. all assets of the company seized for liquidation to pay employees.





compusa was a wounded duck for years, but this not only shocks me but angers me a lot. I have the owners cell number... I'm very seriously debating a phone call to him to ask what the heck was he doing?



the other kick to the nuts is that customer's machines in for service, with paid deposits, will have to sit there until the state has settled this. which knowing the state of michigan could take a year or more!!!! I've already spoken to the tech manager in the store.. he's coming to work for me again. and he's trying to do what he can to call all of the customers he can (someone left the POS server on and remote access is still working... thank god for the customers) and letting them know what's going on.


already got a list of the quality employees from there that I can use, and I intend to take over the warrenties on all outstanding CBW diplomat systems. first compusa now this :( they're dropping like flies now.

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