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Laptop peripheral issue.


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So this is my problem in a nut shell.


I boot up my lappy one day and BAM! Windows error it shuts down and when I reboot I get some error saying im missing / corrupt windows files. So what ever it needed to be wiped out anyway. I reformat install windows the whole 9 yards. I go to HP.com and get all the drivers for my laptop I can. I download and install basically every driver they have to make sure everything works fine. So after all that I get it up and running, runs awesome nice and fast with the fresh install. Only problem is the sound buttons on the side of the laptop aren't working properly. The volume up and volume down buttons sometimes work and when they do its like a delayed reaction. And the mute button doesn't work all together. It worked fine pre the format. And I downloaded all the drivers I could to try to get it to work. Any ideas?


Sorry for the blurry picture camera was like seconds from dying had to snap it quick. I labeled it so you guys can tell what it is.

Laptop model is: HP Pavilion ze5500, make is ze5547wm (the make just says where it was bought from IE: This was a walmart laptop (awsome deal at the time) and the make ID says 'WM' at the end for wal mart.)


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