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Transferring from a ATX to a micro atx...

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Hey all. I am looking to going from a mid size towered case (that I do not like...the door gets in the way of the XFI sound card's front bay) to a micro atx case, the apevia X-qpack. The Apevia will also be alot more portable, which really appeals to me as I go to college, and come home on the weekends (would like to bring my box now and then). Also, it looks a hell of a lot cooler :)


Anyway, I'm going from THIS....






From what I gather, it is basically the same board, except one is a micro atx and has only one PCI slot (not too biggie for me, that slot will be my sound card.)

That means I SHOULD be able to transfer out my AMD 939 X2, 7900, Hard drive, DVDRW, and RAM with little effort, I should think.


Would anyone recommend me to not do this? And why?

Oh, I'm also sacrificing my Antec 550watt PSU, which has been good to me. I don't know if it will fit in the case I'm getting...

Will the stock 420watt be just fine for my one 7900? And what If I plan to SLI?



Basically, I plan on selling my PSU (if it doesn't fit) my motherboard, and my old case on ebay.


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only reason not to is overclocking.



mATX boards tend to lack the electronic components for starters. and second they don't lend themselves well to cooling like a much more open ATX setup.



other than that it should be fine.

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