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Barbone Mini-pcs

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I am thinking of getting a Barebone/Mini-PC case, to put my rig into. First off, I would obviously have the problem with my SLI, as it would most likely not fit into there. So I googled some SLI barebones and found the Shuttle XPC SN-26-P, one of the lonely SLI supporters out there. Then I found a picture of what the SLI would look like and I am seriously scared that this will be overheating within the first 5 minutes I will be using this thing.


If I could sell my 7800GT's, for together about 350$, then I would get like a X1900XT or something, and go with the single card way (probably the only way). I am mainly looking for people who are using/have used barebones/mini-pcs to tell me what its like. I want to switch to this as I go to LAN's quite often, and with my massive case, its just a pain in the @$$, and these little one's look EXTREMELY cool!

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