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American Conquest: Divided Nation


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Finally! I've been waiting for almost nine years for someone to come out with another decent Civil War RTS game. I started playing Sid Meier's Gettysburg in 1997, now I'm ready for bigger and better things. Well, here it is.


American Conquest: Divided Nation:










Now, this game is based of of the Cossacks1 engine, so the graphics are slightly older, BUT, that gives you an advantage: this engine will support up to 60,000 troops on the field at any given time....beautiful. There are some things I'm not psyched about. The game is different from Sid Meier's Civil war games in that the units and commanders aren't labelled, however, the battlemaps on this new game are topographically accurate...so it's give-and-take.


A hint for you history junkies out there:


There is a civil war game in the works that will be based off the Rome Total War engine. It won't be released anytime soon due to the fact that this game will annihilate system resources, but I expect this to be released in the next couple of years.

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