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Antec Neopower 480

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the neopower is a truepower 480 with erm, removable cables... w/e that's called...


i'd go for the tp550... it is a little more powerful, and is a solid psu for the price definitely...


i think possible that my neopower 480 is giving me slight instability by adding 2 hard-drives (now i have 5 lol) and i could really do with something with almost ridiculous power... but for 3 hard drives, 2 opticals, an opteron @ 3.07ghz, an x800xl at 445/530, audigy2zs, and erm a coupla panaflo 120mm hi's, a tt 120mm, and a 92mm fan (maybe panaflo?), some uv ccfls, a fan controller *whew* the neopower was fine heh

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