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Geforce Fx 5700


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Thats right, I have this card just chilling since I upgraded to my new rig. Im just now getting ready to part out the old setup, but yea, enough talking, here it is:


BFG Geforce FX 5700

Stock: 425/550


I had removed the stock heatsink/fan unit on it, cleaned it all up, slapped some AS5 on it, and a new Thermaltake Crystal Orb cooler on the core, it made a big difference!


It currently runs rock solid with no issues @ 465/610 all day long.


It plays Doom 3 and HL2 with medium settings @ 1280X960 with no problems at all.


I just have to consolidate all of my items that I wont be using.


65.00 shipped firm. I will ship USPS priority mail with confirmation and insurance.





SOLD! You can delete this

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