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Got some broken and semi-broken things I need to get rid of:


Linksys WRT54G wireless router. This thing was working PERFECTLY until I tried to do a firmware flash, and the power went out. Now, for the life of me, I can't figure out what's wrong, it absolutely refuses to work. I've read so much on flashing the firmware over the internet, but nothings worked. I've come to the conclusion that a hardware mod is needed. I've opened it up, but I didn't even want to deal with it anymore, so I closed it, and shoved it in the closet. The lights work and all, but the "diag" light just flashes. My loss is your gain, if you can figure it out. I'll sell it for 10 bucks and 5 dollars shipping.


Got a 40GB maxtor HD that seems like it's about to die. While in use, it will sometimes click, then freeze up for a few seconds. Maybe someone would like to try that "freezer trick" or something. Otherwise, it would be pretty decent as a spare HD to store random files or to use it to try out a hard drive window mod. Once again, 10 bucks and 5 dollars shipping.


Got a black bezel lite-On CD-RW that's pretty much dead. I don't know what you would want to use with it, it pretty much only reads CD's, and doesn't do a good job at it. You can open it up and try to fix it (replace the laser?) or harvest it for parts, or what ever, I just need to get rid of it lol. 1 dollar for the drive and 5 dollar shipping (yes, I said a buck).


That's pretty much. Paypal is preferred, but I'll accept cash and money order's. I've done LOTS of business on these forums, as a buyer and seller and with all kinds of payments, so I would say that I'm pretty trust worthy. Of course, I'll combine shipping. All these will ship via USPS priority with delivery confirmation, and I'll combine the shipping if more than 1 things is bought. I'm up for trades to, looking for some LED case fans, a heatercore shroud, or anything that would think is a fair trade. Of course, everything is final because everything is already broken :P:lol:

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