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    8GB DDR3-1600 G.Skill Ripjaws @ 8-8-8-24
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  1. DarkScorpion

    MyInnerFred's for SALE/WTB thread!

    Hows the camera quality? Camera quality is one of the buying factors for me. Don't really understand what S-off is, basically I need it to be able to work if I slide in a T-mobile sim card. Its not for me its for a family member. I have little to no knowledge about smartphones I just know Android seen's to be the superior operating system on them. I just PM'd you.
  2. DarkScorpion

    MyInnerFred's for SALE/WTB thread!

    Interested in an HTC Sensation? T-mobile branded. It's already s-off and rooted w/ CWM recovery if you're interested in that stuff, and I can put whatever ROM on it you'd like (even stock if you want). Have a TPU case, additional Anker battery (1900 mAh vs stock 1520), new housing as well. LMK if that interests you!
  3. DarkScorpion

    Finished my first WC build

    Looks nice!
  4. DarkScorpion

    GPU for friend's build

    If the budget is a solid $150, look for a 6870, they're usually right at $150, and ~$120 on sale. You can also probably pick up a used 6950 or 560ti for that price. I haven't seen the 7850 anywhere below $220 yet, personally. Used, I've only seen them around $200.
  5. DarkScorpion

    why are PCI-e x1 Audio Cards so Expensive ?

    Yup, pretty much. And for individuals looking for high quality audio out of their PC for listening to music, external DACs are now the way to go.
  6. DarkScorpion

    Best Value SSD

    To be honest, with the way SSD prices have been falling over the past few months, the best bang-for-buck drive is going to keep changing. There was a combo deal for a 120gb Agility 3 + 550 OCZ PSU for only $88 after discount code and rebate on newegg just yesterday. Assume a resale price on the PSU at $40 (which is a very fair praice), the SSD would have costed only $44. The 128gb Crucial M4's and Samsung 830's have been hitting right around $100 as well, while the Vertex 4 is just barely more expensive coming in around $110. While more expensive, these drives are notably faster than the Agility 3, and with the track record of Sandforce controllers, could offer a much better bang-for-your-buck over Agility 3 and Vertex 3 drives. Have they fixed the so called issues with those controllers? They say they have, but there are still reports coming out with fair regularity of failing drives. That's why one person's best bang-for-buck may not be someone elses. There is no single best option; instead, I would tell you to choose a maximum budget and wait for an SSD to fall into that price range. I like the M4 and 830 because of their high reliability and speeds compared to everything else. I paid $90 for my 64gb 830 for my desktop last thanksgiving and I love it, but with the price of SSDs steadily falling, I may make the jump on a <$150 256gb M4/830/whatever is out around this thanksgiving again as well.
  7. DarkScorpion

    [WTS] TraptPatriot's FS Thread

  8. DarkScorpion

    WTS: Pair of Unlocked 2GB Sapphire 6950s

    Both sold
  9. DarkScorpion

    WTS: Pair of Unlocked 2GB Sapphire 6950s

    bump. One has been sold, only one more left!
  10. DarkScorpion

    WTS: Pair of Unlocked 2GB Sapphire 6950s

  11. DarkScorpion

    WTS: Pair of Unlocked 2GB Sapphire 6950s

    to the top!
  12. DarkScorpion

    WTS: Pair of Unlocked 2GB Sapphire 6950s

    Any interest out there? How about $205 + shipping each?