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Ya Ya Another Build Post


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I just need to check if I could do any better, he already has moniter, crappy may it be.

The parts I have picked out are worth 949.92 without shipping and tax, I would like to go cheaper only if someone knows of a good Deal or better part for cheaper. He wants to go intel so don't even try to change that. This will be manily for medium gaming and music and net surfing.


DVD/CD Combo-















Video Card-






If your wondering where the rest of the money is, i already choose a mouse, keyboard, case (CoolMaster), and an extra 80 MM fan, and a floppy, so thats where the other money goes. We are going to order in next week, he is tight on cash, so if i could go cheaper I would like to without sacrficing much performence, thats the hard part.

I will order from any site, so that will make suggestions more broad. thxs.

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ya anyways, what about the video card, is there anything I could get better then that for same price or cheaper?


I guess I can persuade him to go a little higher for better graphics Card.


Edit: Hows the PSU is it ok?

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