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Weird: When I Overclock My 3d Mark Goes Down :(


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I Have

Spec: 2100+ XP

Corsair DDR400 @ DDR333

Abit Siluro GF4 OTES 128MB 8x AGP (275/550)

Gigabyte GA7VAXP

120GB Maxtor, 7200RPM, ATA 133, 8MB Cache



For some reason when I overclock the fsb to around 140 or any thing really,

the 3d marks drop from 9300 (no oc with ram at 333) to around 8700 :angry:. If i put

the ram to ddr400 i get even less!!! Should have just bought DDR333 instead :angry: !

Firstly with no oc'ing i think i should hit the 10000 marks if not the 11000

marks and why does it fall when i oc?

any suggestions???

sum1 help me out plz?

i think that when i put the fsb up the ram runs faster than 333 which slows

it down :(

does anyone know why this ram gets more marks @ ddr333 compared to ddr400

also i have quite a fast fan (CM Hac11v or sumthing) which usually keeps the

temp to 32C - idle and 39c - load what should be a safe overclock limit - by

only changing the fsb (my cpu aint unlocked)?


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I have almost the same system as you do and I had the same problems that you did when I first got it. Here's my spec...


System Info Version: 2.2

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98

Processor: AMD AMD Athlon @ 1.71 GHz

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X

Total Physical Memory: 256 MB

Free Physical Memory: 73.39 MB

Motherboard Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.

Motherboard Model: GA-7VAXP


Problem 1:

low 3dmark 2001 benchmark... I used to get around 6000 maybe 7000 on a good day.



in bios press "cntrl-F1" to enable advanced memory timings.

set first setting to "ultra"

and adjust timings to suit your system. the lower the better. You have ddr400 there is an option for setting this type of ram.


You'll have to play with it a bit to get the most out of this board. I was going to throw it in the garbage until I found these settings.

Now I post about a low 12000 on 3dmark 2001SE.


Also get the latest F11 bios from lumberjacker. It has some really cool extra's. Try the top performance settings with no overclocking. If you have error correcting ram you should be able to get some wicked marks without over clocking.


After unlocking my AMD 1800+ I run it at 180fsb @ 1709Mhz with no problems and no increased voltage to stabilize.

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I had a similar problem. I think once a cpu reaches the edge the cpu makes little error, or other thing in the system do. this slows everything down. that's why you have to do long test because if it won't crash it isn't making errors like these.

this is just one of my theories which are nog based on any fact so tell me how wrong I am.

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Even then, it prolly won't run at 333...my RAM used to run at 332? :blink:

Your FSB is actually something like 166.57234


And they round it off to say 166... but then when they multiply it for the DDR, it gets rounded again... 166(.57234) x 2 = 333

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Thank you everyone for your replies and your help. It is very much apreciated.

Now what is lumberjacker??? (robgs was saying something about it having the latest bios F11 - where the gigabyte website only has F9 - which i already have)

Ill try that top performance thing so i don't have to overclock. Should get 12000+ marks and i'll check out that ram timing. I know how CL (cas latency) works but mine is already at 2 not 2.5 so i cant put that any lower safely - i think. Can someone explain to me what those other ram timings are (all except the first one) and what are safe values for them - bearing in mind that i do not want to bust the ram up because it was expensive, so only slight tweaking is what i require. Ill check what the default timings are and post it back here.


Also if my RAM cant run at 333 or 400 efficiently, should i put it down to 266?

the only problem is that i bought ddr 400 when, the cheaper ddr 266 would have been faster :(

Is there anyway that i can lock the ram so when i up the cpu fsb the ram does not run faster?

When i oc, i use easytune 4 (windows based prog) and i cant change the values in the bios (it wont let me), would this have anything to do with my low 3d mark?

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