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Upgrading Hdds, Need To Back Up


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My current setup


40G HDD main drive

80G HDD storage drive, split into 3 partitions

160G SATA HDD for video storage


My future setup


80G HDD main----2 partitins, windows XP on one, Linux on other

200G storage

2x160G SATA HDD, mirrored for home video storage and pictures, etc.


My question is what should I use to clone all the stuff off of the main 40G to the first partition of the 80. I want to do this without reinstalling EVERYTHING. I have Norto Ghost and it looks like Clone partitions will work, I would just like to get a second opinion before I proceed.






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That's a good idea. I was either going to get an enclosure and use it that way or build another system for the kids or even sell it to someone else. I dunno what I will do with it. Good idea though, would always have a backup, and that 80 G drive had given me some problems a while back.

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