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  1. Best comic ever in response to your quesion. http://xkcd.com/149/
  2. Holy crap I feel even older now! Not like I was really all that active here, it's still nice to see a bunch of the old names all over a thread again...
  3. Not to be too picky over the terms, but the latest release of Windows 7 is the "Release Cantidate 01." It's got most of the bugs worked out, and is very stable on a wide variety of hardware. Even the OSs that are released are still buggy and flaky from time to time. As already stated, just go to MS and download the RC, burn it to a DVD, and install it. It should work fine until about June 2010, then it will expire itself. Then you will have to buy it.
  4. Very cool retro case - and yes, it could use a good cleaning. Don't worry too horribly much about the benchmarking though. If you are going to use it as a 'closet server' it should probably focus more on the network connectivity and disk I/O. With the available space, maybe you could also look at adding in more drives to use for RAID - using a mixup of older drives, you don't want to risk losing data because of a dead drive. What will the final purpose of this machine be? Just a file server? Printing? VM testing? If you want some advice from the forum for other setups, maybe knowing that could help with ideas...
  5. Good luck, be safe, and have fun! And thanks for your service!!!!!!!!!
  6. Please don't... You can install stuff through WINE, but you can then only run them through wine. Wine is fine for apps that require windows, but not for apps/drivers that need to run on Linux.
  7. Just to backtrack a little bit, is an updated video driver required for your system? Many times an appropriate driver is already loaded, and an updated one isn't necessary. We might just be over-thinking this... Also, as was stated previously, it is probably going to be easier (and quicker) asking google than trying to get ALL of your questions answered here. Check out this google-ishous linkage. The first response might be exactly what you're looking for, even though the file name may be wrong (and it's kind of old). Also, this search points you to some good info.
  8. cybergrunt69

    Hello Hello

    Howdy! Hi. Welcome. I second the [email protected] recommendation
  9. OpenSuse is a good OS for beginners to Linux, as is Ubuntu. Don't give up quite so easy and run back to Windows just because "it's easier" - you said that you are learning a lot of stuff, and running a Linux OS can help you learn quite a bit more on how the computer works. Many times, the video card drivers and wireless network card drivers are the biggest sources of frustration. The video drivers are often listed as "restricted" meaning that they aren't open source. If you go to the video card manufacturer's site, you should be able to find the driver if your hardware installer process doesn't list it. If you don't know exactly what video card you have, or what driver you have, try one of these to get the name: [email protected]:~$ lspci |grep -i nvidia 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation Quadro NVS 140M (rev a1) or [email protected]:~$ lspci |grep -i vga 0000:00:03.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage XL (rev 27)
  10. Welcome aboard everyone! Too bad you can't move all your [email protected] points over to OCC though.
  11. I guess that technically, according to the letter of the law, it was a no-no. But that is absolutely disgusting that he's getting charged with a felony for this crap. So now, we'd all better watch out - especially you demigod - you posted links to digg and /. that we wouldn't have known about otherwise, so we all helped push the DDOS further... What a laugh.
  12. Holy crap that's crazy! that guy's got about as many points per day as I do per week! I couldn't keep out of that guy's radar unless I "borrowed" a building's worth of comps from work. At least we're helping research and our team's stats....
  13. also: Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. - Concrapius
  14. Light moves faster than sound - which is why someone can appear quite intelligent, until they open thier mouth. Always finish speaking before your audience finishes listening. I don't think intelligence levels are always exposed by speech - I know some quite smart people, and they can talk about the dumbest stuff, as well as some "few cans short of a 6-pack" people that can carry on good conversations about politics or finance.
  15. With your latest posts, I'm assuming this is on 2003? If so, you don't like IIS? http://forums.overclockersclub.com/Anyone_...aml-t58273.html http://forums.overclockersclub.com/Ultimat...ows-t36210.html
  16. Might wanna run memtest to see if that other ram stick is good or not... Also, maybe you could try running a Linux livecd (knoppix, phlak, etc) to see it that seems stable(ish). If that bombs out too, then you could have hardware issues - otherwise maybe there's some type of windows driver issue. Have you done any OCs or hardware changes/flashes lately?
  17. LO! DUDE! I think you're trying to be a smartazz, but knock it off. You can just post the news link if you want, but calm down with the commentary. If I didn't know better, I'd think all you wanted to do is start a big flamewar... back on topic, I ... ... ... uh, never mind, I don't know what the topic is anymore.
  18. didya do any OCs lately? a lot of times having an overclock will break WUs. Also, try reinstalling the client. Once you finish your next WU, remove the entire directory it runs from, re-download the client, and start over. that will make sure you have a new set of all the apps.
  19. IF you're looking at hard drives as a backup device, you might wanna get a couple of them, and use a removeable hdd tray for reusing them. Since your setup is gonna be >1TB, each drive is gonna be fairly well packed, and you'll want some redundancy for the backups as well (what happend when one dies or the backup is corrupted?). A tape-based backup setup is gonna set you back big cash, and dvds are just way too small to be useful, so a decent size hdd should be ok. You might also wanna take a look at getting some good software like Backup Exec instead of relying on the built-in backup app.
  20. Also, referring to an earlier thread regarding memory, the raid parity description is similar to ECC memory. Crude explanation #2
  21. I sure didn't see any insinuations. I guess if you want to see it that way, you will... How about this: instead of saying it's a democrat or republican, how about 'politician' Back on topic, I obviously don't have enough info to say he's guilty or not, but it sure looks bad. Regardless of the outcome of the proceedings on this guy, I think that anyone in the government who is convicted of a crime should immediately have the sentencing doubled or tripled. They are the ones who help make and enforce the rules, and are supposed to have our trust to run the country/state/city/etc.
  22. In theory, yes. If you get a raid setup that allows for a hot spare, then you'll be even safer as it will immediately fail over - the failed drive will go offline, and the hotspare will be built up to take the place of the failed one. You will, however, have to be able to identify which disk failed so it can be replaced - and the replacement will become the new hotspare. Now that you've about got the disk config figured out, what about backup? YES, you need them. It will kinda seem like wasted money if you never need it, but it will become invaluable the second you need it... And it's not usually cheap for a good setup.
  23. Be careful asking around here - we'll spend the whole buget in about 20 minutes!
  24. I'd say you'll get the best bang-for-the-buck by going with Raid5, with the possibility of having a hot-spare drive. Also, since you're obviously not concerned with price (~$1k - $976 w/o shipping), you might want to consider running these off a hardware raid card. Get one with an on-board processor so it doesn't require processing power, and can run independant of the OS. For just an example, try 3Ware. Some people may recommend running a scsi setup since there's already so much money being thrown at it - I'd say sata should be fine, you don't wanna triple your cost just for about the same speeds. Also, it's not mentioned, but with the file sizes and volumes you're expecting, you might wanna make sure you're running GB ethernet instead of 100. edit: here's a nice description of what the raid numbers mean, along with a visual (nice!) www.acnc.com
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