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Is7 And P4 3.2 For Sale


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Well, ive recently upgraded to the rig in my sig from a P4 northwood 3.2 that i was able to OC to 3.8 with 2-3-3-8 timings on the PdP w/ XBL ram. It ran load of 40*C and idle 32*C with ambient of 80*F with stock cooling. The mobo is an Abit IS7. This comp is only about a month old, and has treated me great, i hit 5196 in 3dmark 05, and just under 12k in 03, and jsut over 24k in 01, 38s in SuperPi 1M, hit 112.35FPS in CS;S stress test max settings. 29k/42k sandra multi. 12k/4756/8407 sandra arith.


PM me if you are interested, or post..either way i will get the message


200 USD + shipping and its yours!

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