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    MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
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    2001: 25483 || '03: 11657 || '05: 5200 || SuperPi: 37s

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  1. You could overclock it if you can get your hands on a good (See also: NOT DELL) motherboard.
  2. sounds like you want CE, EE or mebe CSS (computer systems sciences) im going to Michigan Tech, (MTU.edu) and they offer all the courses, take alook ;0
  3. id recomend going for the retail, OEM saves like 10$, and 10$ isnt worth it if a few months down the line you kill your chip...
  4. you could whip one up on frozencpu.com for cheapish. and chipset is NOT needed, it doesnt get that hot, the HSF works fine
  5. people already do that shiz, they drop the evap of an AC unit in a water rez, then pump water at near 0 though the system, strap on a pelt, and your good to go. personaly, id say just get a phase change...
  6. they all support the newer sockets because not many people are looking for a socket A heatsink these days cant make money selling to 2 people
  7. if you are gonna get a better cooling system, dont skimp and get like thermaltake water cooling, save up and buy something you will be proud of it will be worth it, trust me
  8. ducting it seems like a waste of the cooling power of the AC unit. Look up the phase change section of the XS forums. they can answer questions you have about it there...and honestly, would you rather have -50*C or 10*C....there ya go hey, if your lookin for a phase change, send me a PM
  9. girls...good luck with that man, but honestly, the way i see it, if she is hangin out with you like that when she is with another man...do you really want her? whats gonna stop her from doin it with you? and dont ask her out till she breaks up...unless you dont really wanna be frieds with this guy..
  10. intel? i wont touch another intel aside from a dothan as long as i ahve my 4000+
  11. yeh, but stealing is also a mental thing, someone is much more willing to try to steal money if its sitting on a counter as oposed to if its in a safe... *edited* heres the pics enjoy the sexyness obviusly a veiw from the front of the opened laptop top veiw of closed lappy veiw of rear ports (aside from eth and modem) side ports (card reader/sound/more usb/firewire) front buttons (media play, pasue, FF, yada yada) the oh so sexy leather lappy bag
  12. i forgot to mention, its a Z71V the one with the pretty blue light around the shiny button on the top, ive been entertained with it for minutes on end at times, which is sorta sad when you can play WOW on high settings and your staring at a shiny button... *edited* silly me, i also have a kensington notebook lock im throwing in with this, nice laptops like this tend to walk away, kensington seems to make that less easy...
  13. its an ASUS barebones with the aforementiond components in it i forgot to mention, it still has a FULL warente on it
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