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Auto Install Win Xp


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Uh-Hum... allow me... ;)


Well... one thing i know is what to do in case you had a piece of hardware installed before, you uninstalled it from device manager and now you want to reinstall it again but you don't want XP to automatically install it when you reboot; you would rather specify what drivers to install yourself. So here's what you can do if that is the case:


Open up Windows Explorer (Windows key+ E) and go to C:\Windows\inf\ ... look for all oem files .. you probably have a bunch of them oem0, oem1, etc... delete them all. Don't worry about doing that... Given that you have already removed the piece of hardware from device manager (if you didn't , do it now).... reboot the computer... and when it will start again, you will be presented with New hardware detected screen asking you what to do , as Windows XP will no longer know where to look for the drivers for that component.


Hope that helps.

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