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My New Folding Rig!

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I have recently convinced myself to build a new computer, and I am going A64 without a doubt. *(Sorry Intel, You dont get my money this time)*. Anyway, I just recently joined the folding team (yesterday), and have a AMD k6-450mhz running 24/7 with folding. I then decided to "donate" if you will my current machine to folding 24/7 as well. I have all the advanced settings enabled, and its constantly using 100% CPU. Anyway, here are the specs:


Asus A78NX-E Deluxe MOBO

AMD Athlon XP 2600+ @ 2.1GHZ (stock for mine was 1.9 GHZ)

768MB Ultra Platinum Geil PC3500

Geforce FX 5700 @470/645

2X 120 GIG HD


The basics, I think. 2 non-stop 24/7 computers, just to help out.


I am thinking of joining the SETI team as well, but I heard that it uses way more resources, and I dont want to bog the computer down.

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