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Anyone Using C#/asp.net?


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Thought I'd spark some MS ASP.NET/C# talk...


The application I'm working on right now (ASP.NET using C#) has a good 50 or so fields... right smack dab in the middle the page has several fields that require a post back to receive info from our OraDB. The post back, and data retrieve works fine, however on each post back the "tab order" is reset. Causing the user to re-tab 20+ times to get back where they were before the post back event.


Is there a way to refocus on the last item after a post back? I know that you can add '< %@ SmartNavigation="True" % >' and that works except for one small issue.... Whenever the data returned results in an error, it passes the error to a script that raises a java script alert. The combination of SmartNavigation=True and the alert() method break the page, and make it completely useless. So SmartNavigation=True just isn't gonna work.



Next question...

Anyone know how to create a combo box? I.e. Dropdown list that you can type into. I've found one over at metabuilders.com but it only works about 1/2 way.

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