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  1. I think I know the problem, when you create a control array, you have a standard sub like this. Private Sub Command(Index as integer) end sub For command(1) Index will = 1 so you just need to use something like this if Index = 1 then command(index).caption = "Question1" or you could store the questions in an array like, questions(), and use something like while index < counter command(index).caption = questions(index) index = index + 1 wend
  2. Look on suns website, they have forums and lots of info on installing on all oses.
  3. I agree, I can setup a network using linux boxes alot easier.
  4. Normally you dont see your password nor even a substitue char such as as asterix. I think you maybe able to change it.
  5. ukmike02

    Dual Os

    I managed to get win 98, win 2000 mandrake, red hat, and debian on one computer. It was a while ago, since I have taken them all off and have xp and red hat 9. crap I need to upgrade that.
  6. I think the system is a good idea, I have just one problem. I have a warning lvl of 10% for posting in old topics. I dont visit often and therefore when I search for new posts I can get some that are months old. Maybe you could add something to those old topics so when you reply it warns you before you submit? As I fear I may make the same mistake in the future if I dont look at the date on the thread.
  7. I do anything and everything, apart from gaming you can setup a server to do everything. You can do all your normall tasks like word processing, web browsing and email. Programming is a strong point as many utils and compilers come with most distros.
  8. ukmike02

    Oracle 9i

    Yes there is, infact linux is one of oracles recommended platforms, goto the official oracle website and it will be on there.
  9. You could limit the # of downloads, and reserve some for how ever many members you have. Then the guests have to wait in line to use the public slots. You do it in php. Have something somewhere that keeps a record of the number of users downloading and when it is full, the script stops any further downloads.
  10. Check /tmp and see how much stuff is there.
  11. ukmike02

    Quake 3 Arena

    Yeah I had terrible trouble like that. I kept having to recompile the kernel each time I wanted something to work, first sound, then graphics etc. In the end I gave up with my onboard NIC and just stuck in a PCI one that I know works. I was using red hat 9 then. Does anyone know of a distro that comes with 2.6 as standard or at least an option. It would save me the hassle of upgrading.
  12. I dunno if this would help. Sourceforge - Alarm Clock
  13. I have 2 psus in a server, the two are linked by a relay, when one comes on (via the switch) the other comes on. It has many hard drives and I use one for the MB, cd-drive and tape drives and the other solely for the hard disks.
  14. Lol like me. I have been registered since Nov 2002, and havent really posted much, I visit alot though and just read posts.
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