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Ok, My Pc Stopped Booting Again:(


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My problem was originally descirbed in



It's a few topics down. Anyway my problems back.

I was burning a cd in Linux RedHat, went away to let it work, when I came back the screensaver was on, well actually frozen. The computer wouldn't respond, so I restarted. It got to the message right after the memory check. Then it stoped. I waited for about twenty seconds, then I got impationt and restarted. This time it froze a bit earlier.


Once I managed to enter bios setup, if only a few seconds before it froze.


It rarely gets longer than to the memory-check....

I did try with reseting the bios, no dice this time either, though.


Any ideas what it might be? Better yet, any Idea how to solve it?

I suspect I need to replace something, but I'd like to know what first...


The mobo is a MSI K7T Pro 2-A, CPU is an athlon 1 Ghz.

mem: 128 SDR PCI 100 +128 SDR PCI 133

Graphics card: Gf 3 Ti 200

the case is about 4 years old, if that might be important...


All and any help will be appreciated...



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