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Barton Needs 1.938 Vcore At 11x202


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hi.. my barton2500 AQZFA (unlocked chip) needs 1.938 vcore to run at 3200... 11x202

i have gone to 238o mhz but I need over 2.0vcore

I have samsung 2x256 pc2700 running in dual channel at 2.5 4 4 9 2.9v

my mobo is an7

psu 480w

air cooling.... high speed 80mm fan and jetblower on top (the noise is killing me here)

my question is = is the pc2700 memory craping up my vcore or do just have a crappy chip (anyway I just orderd a 2600xp-m)


I would love to get some answers on that one :rolleyes:


I have tried 166 and higer multip still need high vcore at 2200mhz

the memory runs 210fsb at 3 4 4 11 not sure if it

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