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Now I'm Angry


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Ok, so now I've been through 2 AIW 9800 Pros, called ATI (they told me I had a dead tuner on the first card, but the second one doesn't work either, and I KNOW it's not dead), gotten the cable inspected by comcast (no problems), and spent hours upon hours slowly checking the entire setup from pole to tuner and I still cannot see why I cannot get the TV to work on EITHER of my AIW 9800 Pros. What is going on here? I have installed EVERYTHING required by ATI for this thing to run, and on both cards all I get is static. I've tried plugging it directly into the pole line (no splitters), a different os, installing and reinstalling the drivers, and nothing has a made any difference whatsover. I'm about ready to give up at this point, seeing that I've spent $500+ already. And the strange thing is, I had an AIW 7500 running on this line a little more than a year ago, and nothing has changed on this cable config. Last ditch question-does anyone have ANY ideas why this wouldn't work at all? Thanks. :(

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