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Msi Bios Flash

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Using award bios flasher, I'm trying to flash back my MSI K8N Platinum to a 1.31beta bios (better for overclocking). However, when I attempt to flash through msdos, I get this error:


Source File Not Found !


The floppy obviously containts the necessary files. To make sure that it wasn't just the bios revision I tried 1.3 from the MSI website. Still, no luck. Any advice?


The version 1.3 Bios came with two files: the award bios flasher, and a file called W7030NMS.130 - assumedly the new bios.

The version 1.31 bios came with the same award bios flasher, and the other file called W7030NMS.131 - again I assume the new bios.

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your best bet is to goto MSI's website and try and find any technical data pertaining to flashing your specific motherboard and bios


do you have an Award bios or an AMI bios??


assuming you have the "MSI K8N Neo Platinum" :


i found these links: i hope they help :)




if you are using windows XP you do NOT have a "Fat" file system - you are using NTFS (new technology file system: naitive to winNT4, win2K, winXP, winXP pro, win2003)


where as you should read this link:





if you have corrupted your bios you should goto this link:



for the page with all of these links and more go here:


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Thanks MindDrive - I've gotten this far...

I downloaded nftsdos.exe so I could read my harddrive. Then I proceeeded to go to the directory C:/test/BIOS131 in which I had saved Award Flash and the bios file. Upon execution, it gave me the error that I had insufficient memory. I've been looking through google, and so far none of the solutions provided have helped me.

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