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  1. the same way you "give" permissions for any user, you also take away those permissions to any other user by unchecking the boxes ie: read, write, browse, execute that is if you are using and implementing the IIS snap-in OR you could just "hide" said folders and dont make any mention of them to anyone other than who you want to know they are there and then just manually type in the location of said documents in the address bar....
  2. i know that if you mail a 20oz plastic bottle from illinois to denver colorado it will almost explode upon opening, about 1/3 of the pop will be waisted in a fit of foamy fury and if you mail an identical bottle of pop from colorado to illinois it does the same exact thing.... so im gonna say, watch that mt dew commercial where the guy falls down the cliff instead of handing over the dew and replace it with 2 cans of beer, a slightly shaken beer helmet and throw in a few paper towels just incase ^_^
  3. umm... dont forget the obvious things that HAVNT changed.... ie: (laughs while typing) cd/dvd media drives are STILL the same size they were 10 years ago... the floppy drive will painstakinly NEVER die -_- (shoot that thing already), ide cables havnt changed for almost 20 years(cept wether or not the strands next to eachother are parallel or twisted).. same with the froppy cable, ATX power supplies are still being bolted in the same way, the ZIF socket design is NEVER going away- its too valuable, a geeks posture infront of the monitor is NEVER going to change no matter HOW BIG the screen actually is (15" to 300" were all hunched over staring at pixels), hard drives are always gonna get fragged, bios's will still get cooked by someone taking poor advice on updating them thats never done one, RMA's are going to take just as much time with little or no effect sending and resending hardware in because some tech doesnt treat the hardware like we do (i pulled a capacitor off a board and sent it in for no post- southbridge getting abnormally hot and they sent it back with a lil piece of paper telling me to reseat the various parts *proc,ram,vid ect* and try again *..|., gigabyte) oh and there will ALWAYS be someone with too much cash and buys completely new and unfamiliar hardware- sets it all up and cant figure out how it works because they are too used to old technology ^_^ **the mind is a terrible thing to taste** SO... IF you want it, buy it, use it, beat the ever living craps out of it till the next stuff comes out, sell your old stuff to someone that has even OLDER stuff and buy that new stuff and quit worrying about the future ^_^ its going to happen but not for you if you keep waiting OUT
  4. always have n always will be intel ^_^ and this program "Ai Booster" lets you set the voltages on the fly, verified this with speedfan tho the ai program has yet to update from stock voltage :S bout the software overclock, it seems like it is more forgiving than bios oc'ng as for right after "going toooooo far" it gives you a bit of hope and then smacks you in the face with a smirk but what i am finding out also is that the software programs are nice for "momentary" oc's like right b4 ya load a game or something stressfull in which case after said activity you can drop it back down w/o rebooting so id hafta say answering my own question is both anymore, if ya got it ... use it
  5. 6:29 first time... ps... the guy that programed that should be shot --- sick man .... the soudn effects when ya died were pretty funny tho
  6. up until recently ive always just plugged away at the bios... trial and error, reboot after reboot, test after test... ive had mobo's that have had programs that will "adjust" the clock/voltages but always thought this was an unstylish way of doing things (anyone can do it thing) until recently... this asus mobo i got for the true 16x sli has a bios of which i have not seen b4 (so many settings -_-) mobo: http://usa.asus.com/products4.aspx?l1=3&am...amp;modelmenu=1 and like MOST mobo manufacturers, real explanation of what most of the settings actually do is somewhat lacking in the shoulder to lean on.... so i dummied up a bit and used the "AI Booster" program that came with the board to OC various parts of the board honestly im quite pleased with asus for making this lil program, old skool overclocking this board was difficult cause most of the time i couldnt get a desktop, with this proggy, i took this stubborn 630 3.0ghz P4 upto 3.3 air cooled at 97F w/o changing voltages, upped the voltage a bit (1.45) and i can get 3.3~3.7 (3.7 doesnt last very long after a few benchmarks- system lock) but what ive noticed is that when benchmarking/ oc/ benchmark... after a few moments the system reboots itself and at first i thought "oh great here we go again" expecting to hafta reset the bios and start over... which the first few times i did.... then i had to "GO" and durring the reboot i took the oportunity to "GO" i expected to see a black screen when i came back and expected to hold teh power button down n reboot again... but NO ... windows was loading and then the AI booster program popped up and showed the specs that i just set it to when it rebooted... wierd so what im basicly asking is, do fellow oc'rs overclock new boards thru the bios or thru the programs that come with them....
  7. its been a LOOOOONNNNG while since ive been here.. sorry bout that... but i noticed that the aquamark3 section is gone... and to think i just got back into tweeking rigs built the one in my sig last october, replaced the mobo a few months ago (from a gigabyte to an asus so i can take full advantage of 16x sli) was happy with how it ran w/o oc'n till i got the urge again lol so heres a comparison using aquamark3 scores: stock speeds: 63000~67000 oc'd graphix only: 65000~68000 tweeked drivers + oc'd graphix: 67000~68500 tweeked drivers + ocd graphix + oc'd cpu: 74000~79800 for some reason i just dont like watching 3DMark's benchmark proggy -_-
  8. look closer --- its a 10000rpm not a 7200 one so basicly its a 150 gig raptor
  9. make sure that the drivers are added on the computer trying to print over the network --- open My network places - open the computer icon with the printer installed to it - click on the "Printers" icon -- u should get some windows confirming the addition of the printer -- click OK and u should be set ya might hafta have the printers driver disk handy
  10. http://case-mods.linear1.org/hard-drive-mod/ i like that one better ^^^ tho its not as bling as the wd one heres another one: http://www.grynx.com/index.php/projects/pl...rddrive-window/ ^^^ that ones a hack job tho - in order for a hard drive to be opened its gadda be a "Class - 1" dust free environment - meaning that there is literally NO DUST at all -- your bedroom or anywhere in your house has enough dust in it to kill thousands of harddrives in just 1 square inch of air and that guys dremelling out the lid ON the harddrive LOL but 350 bucks for 150 gig 10K drive taint bad at all (thinkin 300gig raid-0 )
  11. nice - donno how big a 98 mustangs dash is --- but havin any screen mounted is cool beans .... heres mine -- 91 gmc van --- the pictures have to be updated a bit as ive done a LOT more work to the project but im lazy with updating the page lol http://geocities.com/minddrive_rs/home.htm heres some sites that ive found for touch screens n whatnot - even a few "custom" that will build to your specs.... http://www.magictouch.com/addon.html http://www.computergate.com/products/category.cfm?prodseq=B9 http://store.earthlcd.com/ http://www.cybertouch.com/
  12. hehe long story : way back i started gaming in MechWarrior 2 i used the name 'daswrexit' - my initials + wrexit - cause i always blew the ever living crap outa everything using everything all at once - which hardcore players didnt like - alpha strike blew the crap outta any target - while i shut down and flushed my coolant - they simply just blew up...... when mechwarrior 3 came out i continued using this name till i joined a clan on the MSN gaming zone called Hunterz in Exile.... where as on the zone lobbies i constantly played head games with the people that actually thought they were going to personally come over to peoples houses and inflict pain..... i learned of a device that allows brainwaves to be conducted through an amplifier to control devices on a computer - named "Mind Drive" .... since i had a bling computer for its time - i usually was the one hosting games so my screen name was HnE_MindDriver i started playing rogue spear on the msn gaming zone for a while and started a clan called "Delta shadow Force" and my name changed to DsF_MindDrive.... that when on for a while then i started joining forums and whatnot most of which didnt like the long name so i dumped the clan tags and just go by MindDrive cause anyone can "beat the crap" outta someone - its those that can dig into someones psyche and obliterate their existance with words that do the real damage and being able to control technology with mere thoughts alone is still a wicked concept ---- VR babee VR !!! the matrix is upon us
  13. http://www.hortplus.com/FreeStuf/Stress/Stress.htm theres that stress program if ya want it LMAO oh man that brought back memories heheheheh ZOLL
  14. a waterblock should fit on "any" processor - though the mounting hardware you find bundled with the block might hafta be modified - or you might even need to make ur own custom mounting bracket -- vice grips, a hammer, dremmel tool, cut off disks and a drill is what you will need - and some pretty precise measurements --- and no - the system in the link isnt xeon but you might be able to use the xeon processor fan brackets to shimmy those waterblocks on with i did a lil looking into specificaly "xeon water cooling" on google and found these for ya : http://www.directron.com/cpu300v13.html http://www.directron.com/cpu300v10.html http://www.highspeedpc.com/Merchant2/merch...ry_Code=InnXEON http://www.highspeedpc.com/Merchant2/merch...ode=WaterBlocks and i think this one u already have (in the picture it shows 2 mounted to the board on xeon processors): http://www.jab-tech.com/Swiftech-MCW6002-P...rs-pr-2735.html
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