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Need Memory

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im planing on getting new memory, and i know almost nothing about this subject....



but i want duel channel 1 gig.... like 2x 512 MB highest pcXXXX that is in my price range... i was looking at duel channel 512 2 x pc4200 corsair... but it seemed to cheap to be worth my money... i want atleast 3400 i got 2100 right now... any susgestion? I would like to not spend over 200


EDIT: aperentley i cant find memory for under 2 millions dollars anymore.... ok so under 250.....



i remember not top long ago i had baugt a 512 MB kingston pc2100 for 38 dollars.... why is duel so much morE?????


EDIT #2: or do you guys susgest i get a new HD. i have a 40 gig western digital 5200 RPM... i plan to do both but what should be first??


40 GB WD 5200 RPM HD TO 40 GB SEAGATE 7200 RPM


60 dollars

(seagate,maxtor and western digital are my choices... im goign with seagate unless you say they suck)


or 640 MB or PC2100 ram to 1 GB of pc 3000+ ram


for all my life savings...



what will help me best

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