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  1. so k7 built means "xp" ? Some one help me im a real noob, is this where i would put the block??? look at the review or parts and help me PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  2. http://www.thermaltake.com/watercooling/cl...er/cl-w0005.htm i was wondering this is amd xp compatable, i want to use water cooling for cheap around 150 bucks any advice, or if this will work feed back please Motherboard is DFI LAN PARTY NFII ULTRA II
  3. yeah there is ways to control as many comptuers as you want through one computer... but... i really find this more of less useless... i mean some will be shooting different things.... if i did thi my luck is all my guys would kill the wrong guy ... me @[email protected] besides..... i dont know what game you are playing.. i play aao.... and if i loged on through my lan on 8 diffenet simular ips.... PB would screw me over and id be finished
  4. actually i went through some simular things (still am) not with duis or dwi's.... but it gave me 2 felonys and i tried everythign to get around it... in all matter the police did violate my civil rights and i got them rapremended... but it didnt do nothing but waste my time... I know a few cops personally and i have just asked them and they said that if the person is underarrest ( in cuffs rights read and all) then they have every right to search and seize... if not then you are right about the the not be allowed to remove thigns from your pockets. When i got arrested i had many things on my person that was illegal... but they couldnt use it against me since they illegaly arrested me and serached me. i was a minor and they questioned me with out the pressence of a gaurdian and or attourny. But matter being what happened with you, is a crock of ****. and with the things i have seen you should get off.. But when i was in drug abuse/dui classes some of the guys there did earch them selves a nice class 2 felony after their 3rd dui arrest. but this is also Illinois, im not sure what texas law is.. my susgestion is jsut try not to fight it... tell the truth because you are right... and if you get locked up for at most and HONAST mistake, then it shows how messed up parts of the government are. so just dont fight the cops in court, and keep the story straight, and by all means you should get off. good luck and power to ya. oh by the way. im sure the difference isnt much... but i spent only 1 year 6 mounths locked up for 2 class 2 felonys in illinois, but im paying in probation... so you might not get it that hard.. Good luck man.
  5. I decided to only over clock my gpu... well i already have my cpu oced to 2.10 GHz but thats not big differece.... i have good airflow, but i just dont want to take the risks... i stuck the case thermometer right on the hs of my gpu and it dont get above 45.4 when i oc it... it raises my fps in aao by about 20-40 depending on wher ei am in the game.... the default is 324/189 (core/mem) and im raising it to the max.... without artifacts that is 398.88/237.81 and having my cpu clocked up ONE GHz and not touching my ramm and ocing my gpu to the max i run about 34 degrees c i dont overclock the rest because i dont have great parts to start with and it would be sencless for me to waste my cpu and ram if it dosnt do me any good...
  6. ohh you mean north bridge heatsink :-p no im on my way to getting a nice little fan :-D ok well thanks guys thanks alot :_D
  7. well i got a thermaltake volcano 12 hs so its not stock.... but umm what all shoudl i change in my bios that will make me do better nad not kill my cpu in a short time? i plan to get a new one but not for a few more mounths can i set the settings to like 1 step higher then optimal???? and be safe about it? and what will it do? say i set them on expert?
  8. could but i want to check my temps real fast... my northbridsge seemed a little hot edIT temps are fine i guess i was jsut over paranoid
  9. im sitting here right now with the battery in my hand, or is this a motherboad problem? I LOVE YOU GUYS it worked YAY atleast i got bios to start i guess.... no beeps from sys spk but basically.... i jut started up and im sitting here on the bios screen !!!! says CMOS checksum erroe - Defaults loaded..... it read my cpu at AMD Athlon XP 2400+ memory testing OK and i jsut hit f1 and its goign and saying backup CMOS.... OK! 1 thing i notice that is wrong is my cpu ID has changed... WHY
  10. !!!! didnt work unless i didnt keep it there logn enough i had it for abotu 30 seconds... but i started back up and i still got black screen.. i didnt fry my cpu did i?>
  11. is this the little buggeR? i however dont understand how it will reset with power off... but ill do it but how will this work? jsut to get it straigh turn everythign off unplug psu and pull blue thing off and put it on the adjasent pins and then remove it and plkace it back in place then start up?? and what if this dont work
  12. should i unplug the psu and all that crap or what....
  13. i got a DFI NFII ultra infinity the battery is to the right of the bottom 3 PCI slots.... in the middel of the board like 2 or 3 inchs from the bottom and liek 2 or 3 inches above that is a clear CMOS thing with a cover a blue cover athat covers 2 pins and 1 pin is left free do you have AIM or MSN>?
  14. i have a thing that says Clear CMOS (IPI) or (JPI) i cant tell if its a j or an i ... but its near the upper PCI slot rgith under my agp slot... is this what im lookign for????
  15. im looking at it, i found the thing on my mobo it says clear cmos and its a little 3 pin thing what do i do with it?
  16. how do i do that if i have a no monitor, an example please?
  17. i was messign around in my bios and i was changing the "cpu clock setting" i raised it to i think 158 from like 133.... i did it 2 times 1st time i went to 140 and it worked fine and then the second time i got craped on.... now when i go to start up my computer... the case turns on lights and all so this indicateds to me the mb is fine... but i get nothing but a black screen..... period after tryign to restaert several times.... what did i do and what can i do to get it back to normal??????????????????????????????????????
  18. mernoob


    yeah the air flow is pretty great.... i got a sound activated light.. and i was sad becuase i didnt think it woudl work.... but hell no itsd at full blast cause of allt he air passing by the mic
  19. my compaq came window cdless also... i use my friends cd with my product key..... i think you ahve to register the comptuer before they will thorw you the cd... im not sure compaq-HP SUCKS
  20. actually i have jsut got done messing witha compaq (hp and compaq 2 and 2) and you tell you the truth from what i get... the partition (d) on the c drive... was jsut a cluster of files and dlls needed to run.... and restore like you said... but i dont belive theres a way to boot it up... since the (d drive is part of c) or if you know how to open files in dos... get the files names and there you go i guess.... i susgest you have your dad throw it out and get a new comp.. my mom is the same way with her dell..... she has to many programs she wants... wah wah wah and dosnt want to format even though after 10 years... it can only do good...
  21. i dont know what svhost is but dont close it..... last time i did that... i got the save your work your computer will shut down in 60 seconds and it counts down ...
  22. im planing on getting new memory, and i know almost nothing about this subject.... but i want duel channel 1 gig.... like 2x 512 MB highest pcXXXX that is in my price range... i was looking at duel channel 512 2 x pc4200 corsair... but it seemed to cheap to be worth my money... i want atleast 3400 i got 2100 right now... any susgestion? I would like to not spend over 200 EDIT: aperentley i cant find memory for under 2 millions dollars anymore.... ok so under 250..... i remember not top long ago i had baugt a 512 MB kingston pc2100 for 38 dollars.... why is duel so much morE????? EDIT #2: or do you guys susgest i get a new HD. i have a 40 gig western digital 5200 RPM... i plan to do both but what should be first?? 40 GB WD 5200 RPM HD TO 40 GB SEAGATE 7200 RPM 60 dollars (seagate,maxtor and western digital are my choices... im goign with seagate unless you say they suck) or 640 MB or PC2100 ram to 1 GB of pc 3000+ ram for all my life savings... what will help me best
  23. i got 32 right now and 6 are mine that i started but i also just formated
  24. mernoob


    i could have sworen i answered that.... but my post is gone @[email protected] i have an aspire x dreamer II the black one and yeah the aspire psu's... they look like totaly crap.... i have the 250 w siitting on a rack in my closet all taken apart... its to light to comfort me but i got a thermaltake and by the way im not sure what it is.. but i got the gauge working.... i guess i just have to resart from time to time oh and by the way... i found the adapter i needed the 2 pin to 4 pin for the lcd temp..... wraped in bubble wraped crammed at the bottom of the box the case came in under the foam.... TO LATE NOW
  25. yes i have the nforce drives installed.... do you have a DFI DEC?
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