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Well, I know it's been above my signature image a while now but I thought I'd make it a thread. I know that on these forums we all share different beliefs, ranging from politics to religion to sports and beyond. However, if these beliefs truely matter to you then your opportunity to voice them is approaching quickly. The November election is going to be huge, and it's up to you to decide who will lead this country the next four years.


Now I know this sounds typical, and I know some of you arn't old enough yet. But at least have a spark in your mind about what you want in your future. MTV's "Rock the Vote" is a great campaign trying to get young voters out to the polls. I think that everyone needs to be there. There are too many people who will sit on their behind and complain about everything that's wrong, and not enough who will get up, go out, and make a difference. This is what I am challanging all of you to do. It is your obligation to yourself and the rest of us to go out and voice your opinion. Get out, get your friends, register to vote; make a difference.


Diddy said it best, "Vote or Die!"


As a side note, remember the two sticky's D3 posted in this forum. Adhere to the rules as always, be civil. I'm tired of seeing people yelling politics at each other everywhere else, we don't need that here. Oh, and I understand that many of you arn't Americans, so this obviously isn't aimed at you guys. :P



I finally found "Vote or Die!" shirts here.

Also check this site out: Zerohour.




Current Candidates Websites:


John Kerry's Website

George Bush's Website

Ralph Nader's Website

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