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Water Cooling Direction....

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I'm setting up a water system now. My previous systems have been cpu block only, this one has gpu and chipset added.


my lines...


Check my thinking for me and let me know if I'm off...


Radiator(cold) to reservore

reservore to pump

pump to cpu

cpu to Chipset

Chipset to gpu

gpu to radiator(hot).


My thoughts are this is wrong, the heat off the gpu and chipset is cooler, it's almost like my CPU should take the warmed water from them. like


ratiator(cold) to reservore

reservore to pump

pump to gpu

gpu to chipset

chipset to cpu

cpu to radiator(hot)


Then I was thinking it would be easier to move hot water rather than cold, perhaps have the hot water go to the pump then to the radiator?


Any thoughts, ideas. I'm intending on some extreme OCing here soon.



SPECS: Dangerden 1/2"(all barbs) (no reducers) High cap pump and large copper core radiator.



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If extreme Oc'ing, then you want the coolest possible water at the cpu.


I would reccommend:

Pump>rad>CPU>graphics>res OR Pump>rad>CPU>res>Graphics


version 1 allows for any heat that the pump creates to be dissipated before it gets to the cpu, allowing for the coolest possible water temps at the cpu.


version 2 allows for #1 in addition to allowing the water from the cpu to cool some before it gets to the graphics. My setup is #1 (b/c I don't use a graphics block).

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