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  1. make a long story short my office let got 80% of the staff and that means i needed to do most the work... 1 office move downtown, 2500+ user network for dana, and not to mention all the small 30+ user clients.. I got staff back and i got time on my hands again... I'm thinking about getting a game and playing it... what a thought! it'll take me a week or so but i wanted to see about hitting the 10k per day mark again. flagg
  2. OMG! 13 replies!!! and my boy is kicking it? i had no idea he was still doing it.... Codeman7771234 is my 8yo, he got his school to fold on their 4 or 5 PCs... and i know he miss typed one to codemad.... i thoght i fixed that!. I been out of the loop. i need to figure out how i can easly install on the new Intel HT PCs... i got 10 for the team! ... hay, maybe i see that 10k per day rate again.... I see i made the top 5 spot! whoot whoot... What was (is) the statis on the cows? did we have beef for dinner one night? I'ts good to be back and see the familure names!
  3. Ooooooooooh baby! 900k club... Here i come, starting the steam roller up as i type... u guys ready!! boo, i'm gonna gech ya sucker!
  4. Hay guys.... I think i'm back! and boy do i have a new server farm to get folding.... I might, just might, have a life after work again. I have not checked for 3 months, i hope my farms are still running good... I went to start installing and my url is no good for the client, so i need to look at that. and my new server farm is all HT, i hope the (new)client has support for that. I'll see if i can get that 10k per day push back.... after i answer all this darn Email i hope i did not slip far, i'm gunning for rivals! whoot, whooot "in through the out door" Flagg
  5. Just thought i would log in and see how my farms were doing. I'm glad to see that they have not fallen much and even seem to be on an ever so slight increase. My office downsized and i have been swamped sooo bad my personaly life has seemed to disapear. I miss comming in and egging peeps on to produce. My time seems to be bad even through the holidays and not letting up till March or so. Good news is I have upgraded alot of my Intel478 farms with the new LGA775.. they seem to be doing great. Bad news is i have proved without a doubt that DELL is not godenough to fold on, almost all my DELL workers have over heat problems and lockup problems..... so i lost about 20... So keep folding, i'll be back on cracking my normal old stale jokes, and misspelling even the simplest words as soon as i can! Whoot Whoot, where's thoes cows lol Flagg
  6. I have had one for three weeks now. The PSU is nice, I like it. BUT I'm questioning it's efficient output. Mine seemed to get real hot, way to hot! It is not like I was pushing alot of computer. So, I purchased 2 thermal Take heat active 80mm fans, now the unit stays cool. This PSU was shipped with the low noise 27cfm fans, I installed some 90cfm fans. overall the unit seems high quality, and yea, thoes little rubber covers fall off in the case, so I removed all mine.
  7. this is what you need.... 400V, 1A Micromini Silicon Diodes They can be purchased at radio shack for $.70 for 2. If you take a molex connextor and place one of these on a yellow the out put will be good to run alot of leds ( I have had 40 on one with no problems). I have yet to find a led the will not work with this part. Oh ya, it is a diode, so look at the box for the proper direction.
  8. nemo's been doing all the work... thanks Nemo! The team went from 38k per day to 45k per day! keep up all the good work.
  9. well ok... how about this... so long as no one complains "codemad7771234" now collects tickets for Kurosen! any objections? just howmany tickets can 1 PC bring in in 90 days? let's ask MrOwl
  10. I just noticed that my kid is getting tickets on two accounts. The second account is a mistake. HAY! I got an idea.... How about the tickets earned on the codemad7771234 account be given to thoes at 100k or above that can't get the next level? <-just a thought... never the less, the tickets from the codemad7771234 account should not be tossed into the hat, it is a type O... and, my 8yo boy does not know what PC it is doing it... Once again the Codeman7771234 is my son and he is folding on his school computer's lab. Should be round 12 systeems... Frankly I'm surprised that his account has jumped so quickly.
  11. well I'll have a 12pack a-waiting when he does... He better stop-en have one with me! cheers! oh-hail the FNG! (about to hit the 2k a day mark!)
  12. Flagg7771234

    The Gremlin

    Gremlin is on fire!..... where did you come from... could you be from the indiana area? perhaps?
  13. wow... I have never seen all the "+"'s on the member lists... looks like almost everyone has jumpped in... nerm said he was posting the tickets, I'll bet there are alot out there now... looks like I jumped the 250k today.... 500k by Jan 1!!!!!! who the F is gremlin.... man! this dude rocks! looks like my boy made it to page #2!!! and still has the other nic running.... pages 5 and 6 are still dormat....
  14. been in a big network take over.... Starting to get some time to check the team out. Sorry, been real busy here of late. Seems that we got alot of movement on the team.... looks like our average went from 38k to 42k? on the up swing! and.. some time I got the #5 spot.... and... my points are on a down swing! what the h$ll! Looks like I lost some PCs in the last 2 weeks! After I get some R&R I'll see what PCs I lost and get them back on.....
  15. Hay guys, I have been out of commision for some time now. Last two week I have had a hostile LAN take over. Yep, My company took a business and reinstalled all it's PCs. Well I am the one doing all the ground work. I have a big problem inside of an access Database and I am about ready to go to the big boys and pay $alot. Anyone here up for the challenge? I can fill you in on my issues and if you can help I can pay via paypal some cold hard cash! I can be IMed via yahoo as flagg7771234. I'll be up all tonight and the week end. I'm prepaired to pay heavy for a solution. help!
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