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My Ride....some Cool Stuff


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So I went for a bike ride today, it was great, the temperature was about 80*F, I remembered sunscreen, and had a great time.


Distance: about 33 miles

Top speed: 40MPH (which is my overall top speed for California so far)

Total Odometer for 2 years and 1 month: 2001.9 miles (I Broke the 2000 Mark B) )


About 15 miles from my house, I found a macintosh classic on the side of the road :blink: so I picked it up and carried it for about 200 feet, but since I had about 15-20 miles to go for the ride and since I didnt feel like carrying 25-30 pounds all the way home only do kill it, I dropped it and it bounced into the ditch...which was pretty satisfying, I wanted to carry it to a convienient location and beat the tar out of it, but my friend didnt want to :( ...about a mile later i saw a keyboard key on the road, so i turned around for it then saw the keyboard laying in the grass by a telephone pole...so i beat it against the telephone pole, breaking it and having some keys come out...that was pretty fun too...


unfortunately, right before I left, my parents left in the car, and my camera was in the car :angry: oh well....I can always do it again.

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