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Has anyone ever seen & know how to clean "wildtangent", I have to go look at my old network setup at my ex-wife's. They claim to have all three computers without internet access. They have one cable modem(seimens) and one wireless router(netgear). Two of the computers are hard wired, one wireless. Using the PC that gets the "wildtangent" msgs, Ad-Aware was last updated in April of this year. haven't detected any hits on McAfee. At start up (in windows, XP home) at least one of the computers gives a message by "Wildtangent" something like... missing DLL (don't have exact error yet). I searched some on this and hear diff things, I'll trust you all more than the other pages. As the final result they are all getting a "page cannot be displayed, cannot find server" I had them click on "detect network settings" to no avail. Had them unplug the power to the modem & router, wait 1.5 minutes(prox, but over 1min), and then power back the modem then the router. All led's were lighting as expected. Rebooted the test PC, but no difference. Sorry for the "novell" here, but just wanted to cover as much as I can in one post.


Any help appreciated, Thanks

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