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  1. I just started using firefox and when I open a bookmarked page it opens in the same tab, the only way I can get a new tab is to select it file the "file" menu? My settings look like this...
  2. Yea, they don't provide much information about it do they?
  3. Did you just buy a cordless phone? sometimes they can interfer with the signal. Or maybe your neighbor just bought one? Make sure that you lock down the MAC address to only allow your PC to access it.
  4. Mangar


    llamas are just a fig newton of the imagination, we don't always use them (unless necessary), just have a good stay and enjoy. WELCOME !
  5. I love the original move, Atlantis IMO is a a clasic !!
  6. Mangar

    Spyware At Work

    Thanks cybergrunt69, you know your shiRt, this was what I was looking for. I do know about "agreements signed" but how far is too far? I don't browse anything unacceptable at work, but I wonder if they are trying "program launches" or "Key strokes" tracking. I am in the I.T. department, but the network folks I wonder about. Not that I have a bad image of "network folks" but these are strange?
  7. Mangar

    Spyware At Work

    This rig seems to run better if I cancel these? it is a AMD/64 3000 Asus M/B. I get "bog downs" if I let them run, or at least I don't get "bog downs" as much. Anything else to check for, I realize that these "spy bots" could hide or something. PS: I also goggled it, but I wondered if something is common to disguise itself as that.
  8. That is exactly what I meant, houses, businesses, boats, etc. Don't ruin your future B:)
  9. Mangar

    Spyware At Work

    I have looked at the processes running, and I think they are ok, but every so often I get this process named "userinit" that kicks of twice when I login ( I dont power off my desktop) and at certian times throught out the day it kicks off again. I can tell because the pointer turns to an arrow w/an hour glass. I always end these processes as soon as I notice them. Sometimes my Outlook will take up all of the available CPU, this is straange also.
  10. Mangar

    Spyware At Work

    What kinds of things can a person look for if they think that their office network is spying on you? Like what are some of the most used packages and how do they show up, and where? Thanks in advance
  11. I believe 18 is correct for the USA, don't know in other countries. Be careful though, you can end up spending twice what you buy it at (with the intrest) and you can get your self in trouble for future plans if you create a "bad credit" rating.
  12. Contact Tazweigon, he has a lot of "retro" rigs. I bet that he has a way.
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