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Issues With Dfi Lanpart Pro 875b Reva

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My system is this:

P4 2.8Ghz Prescott CPU (HT and 800 FSB)

Lanparty 875B Rev A MOBO

2x 512MBmeg Corsair PC4400 Matched Dual Channel Memory

1x FX5950 Ultra

1x Maxtor 120GB ATA133 Hard Disk

1x Maxtor 160GB ATA133 Hard Disk

1x Maxtor 160GB SATA133 Hard Disk

1x MSI 8x DVD Writer

1x MSI 52x CD Writer

2x 80mm Front inlet Fans

2x 80mm Rear exhaust fans

1x 80mm top exhaust fan

Antec Truepower 550w PSU


GPU and CPU are watercooled, my Abit unit would allow a FSB of 261Mhz at 1.525v and the FX5950 ultra would run stable at 591Mhz GPU x 1.02Ghz memory - the issue with my IS7-E was that I could not run my matched pair of 2sticks of 512MB of corsair platinum DDR550 in dual channel mode at FSB over 241Mhz, this was a voltage issue to the DIMMS.


For my birthday my uncle got me a LanParty 875B revA motherboard, I had heard this unit was the most complete MOBO and an overclockers dream.


The issue I have is this - I can now run my ram in dual channel mode but my FX5950 ultra will not overclock at all!! I tried lowering the AGP volts, highering the AGP volts, Adjust memory timings and voltages to other items, latest Intel drivers updated BIOS to 409, the PCI bridge is locked so that should be OK, but it will not allow an overclock of any kind.


When I put it all back onto my other board - the FX5950Ultra went straight back up to my previous clock frequencies.


The only other issue I have seen with this board is that the onboard sound does not like to be overclocked - could this be related to the VGA problem I am having?


Just in case you were wandering about the memory - Update - I moved memory from slots 1+3 to 2+4 then to 1+2 and finally 3+4 - Still I could not get the VGA card to work above stock speeds.


The BIOS I have is dated 9th April 2004 - is this the latest one available? I really am starting to believe that there is a fault on the AGP port of this board and an RMA is necessary.


Any advice would be appreciated.





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