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Help! I've Folded And Can't Get Out


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Thanks d3bruts1d.


I had searched that site but hadn't found this thread. I started a thread there and had a lot of replies including from some who had posted on the thread you found. I found one setting under the Network Connections-Advanced-Dialup Preferences tab that had "Always ask me before autodialing" checked. I unchecked this and we'll see what happens tonight when my next WU finishes.



For the first time in 25 WUs, I was able to watch as my system completed a WU, dialed an Internet connection and send the results, get a new work unit, successfully decompress it and resume folding- all without human intervention!!! :D


Now we've got a P4 3.0 GHz machine ready to fold 24/7!


And I see LP has been so kind as to fix my member name to match the Name I fold under so I should soon see my DNA strand!

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