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Finally finshing up the build I started in 2020


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So, it's been awhile since I've posted anything, although I'm glad to see this place still exists in some capacity.

Right before Covid started shutting things down and causing prices to hit the moon I dropped around $5.k on a complete core rebuild (Mobo/CPU/RAM/GPU/PSU/OS-SSD)

MSI MEG Godlike X570
AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
64gb's Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4
ROG Thor 1200w
Sabrent Rocket 4 512gb m.2

I got about 90% of what I wanted for the build, with the exception being the CPU, the Ryzen 5.k series chips had just dropped and availability was a bit sparse, so I ended up with a 3950X instead of the 5950X that I wanted.

Kept my Case (Xigmatek Elysium) Heatsink (Phanteks PH-TC14PE) and HDD's/SSD's/ODD's

Unfortunately my 2080 got cooked by an electrical storm about a year later but I got a replacement 3070 via EVGA's warranty program, and while it's TECHNICALLY a slight upgrade, I've definitely noticed the lack of VRAM gaming in 4K
Also added 2 more 2tb m.2 SSD's as modern games are getting YUGE

Got a new job back in June making more than double what I was making and decided to splurge a little with these holiday checks.

Finally replaced the VERY tired Elysium with a Thermaltake Core W100, a dozen new fans, upgraded to a 5800X3D and have a Galax RTX 4090 on the way.

I'm absolutely in love with the W100 so far.  I despise the modern "Tiny glass box full of RGB rainbow vomit" case meta that's been happening
for the past few years and this thing really feels like a big 10-15 year old case updated with modern quality of life features.
Extremely customizable, enough room to fit almost anything you could possibly need, and if you SOMEHOW need more space the W200 has you covered there, plus it let's me keep my optical drives and Thermaltake X-ray, not many people can claim their PC has a cup-holder and cigarette lighter anymore :p
Should be set for 4K gaming for the next couple of years at this point with the best that Socket AM4 has to offer


















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