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    CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950 with Phanteks PH-TC14_OR Heatsink
    Mobo: MSI MEG X570 Godlike
    Ram: 4x Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3600MHz
    GPU: EVGA RTX 2080ti 11gb Black Edition
    PSU: Asus ROG Thor Platinum 1200 watt
    EXT HDD: 4tb WD MyBook Pro, 4tb WD MyBook Pro
    HDD: 1x 6tb, 2x 4tb, 1x 2tb Western Digital Cav black
    SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250gb sata, Samsung 970 EVO 500gb m.2, Sabrent Rocket 500gb m.2
    Case: Xigmatek Elysium
    Monitor: 49" Samsung MU6290 3840x21600 @ 60hz (primary) 2x 15" CRT's 1280x1024 @85hz (secondary)

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  1. That looks really clean, I actually went in the opposite direction with my mouse today and added weight, my ROG Spatha is up to a beefy 407 grams now and feels amazing to me
  2. And one more tip to get a few more frames out of it on PC check this out I jumped up around 10fps up to around 35-40 with ray tracing on and everything maxed out in 4.k, I was gaming in 4k with a 290X for a few years, so 30fps is just, normal for me at this point lol, anything above that is excellent. Currently using an R9 3950X and 2080ti with 64gb of DDR4-3600
  3. I've got a small hoard of sub $1000 beaters that I'm too attached to, daily (93 Suburban) is getting rear brakes, tires, and a fuel filter done next week, Racecar (86 Plymouth Horizon), has the motor and trans built, but needs electrical, interior, floors, roll cage, and sub frame put in it, econo-box (91 Ford Festiva) needs the motor to be rebuilt and rear spindles, pickup (95 Dodge Dakota) needs tires, brakes, cooling system, and a motor rebuild.
  4. Budget allowing, i wouldn't mind getting another 2080, but that's really more of a vanity item at this point, I've only seen it pull over 600w while playing Modern Warfare with everything cranked to ultra, so at the very least this beast is going to be with me for awhile. I'm mostly focusing on getting all my vehicles up and running now, I really need to find some cheaper hobbies
  5. R9 3950X, MSI X570 MEG Godlike, 64gb DDR4 3600, 1200w ROG Thor psu, and an EVGA 2080ti, don't plan on any big upgrades for awhile, might end up building a custom loop eventually but the ole Phanteks PH14 is still doing fine keeping this beast reined in
  6. I'm an old timer that recently came back myself (I think I was still trying to crank everything I could out of my poor old Phenom 960 the last time I was active) Recently did some monster upgrades with all the overtime and hazard pay I've been getting lately and decided to pop back in here to get some advice on parts (and well, I missed you guys)
  7. DexRain

    COD Modern Wareare

    Reviving this since I've been playing a LOT recently. It shows you in the lobby which system a player is on (PC/XB1/PS4) and what controls they're using (Controller/M&K) I'm still using a 360 controller myself, but I've ALWAYS preferred playing shooters with a controller over a mouse and keyboard. I do get a bit of lag sometimes with everything cranked to ultra and ray tracing on in multiplayer, but I'm playing in 4k, campaign is fine and looks INCREDIBLE in 4k with everything cranked all the way up (2080ti/1700x/32gb's DDR4-2400 currently) with RTX off I'm getting a consistent 75-80 fps @4k with everything else still set at ultra. I'm not a fan of ground war myself, but I've never liked the bigger maps, 24/7 Shipment is my jam though
  8. Early 2009, so close, joined back when I was running cranked up single cores and a bunch of big CRT's
  9. non heatsink version is $10 cheaper and the heatsink is just an extra that you apply yourself with thermal tape. Their USB hubs hold up great, I've had one sitting on the floor of my living room for 2 years to add controllers to my Switch for Smash Bros and it's lived through at least a dozen parties so they at least make durable products, hopefully that carries over to their SSD's
  10. Thanks for the detailed response! Looks like I'll be picking up the Sabrent without the heatsink for now then, and picking up a larger m.2 when better controllers hit the market and the price/gb ratio gets a bit more reasonable. This gives me 500gb for windows and core apps, and 750gb's for bigger, load heavy games.
  11. The Weabarge, my 93 C2500 Suburban with over 300 anime and video game stickers on it XD
  12. This gives me hope that my EVGA 2080ti will FINALLY end the terrible luck streak I've had with nvidia cards going all the way back to the 6.k series (it's been an absolute monster so far, even gaming in 4k with everything cranked to ultra)
  13. So, first off, been AWHILE since I've posted anything here (this is my second big rebuild since my last post) With the recent stimulus check on top of my essential butt working 60-80 hour weeks I've managed to get some big time upgrades, I'm essentially trying to "future-proof" my rig as best as possible while I'm financially able to do so. I've already bought an MSI MEG X570 Godlike motherboard, Ryzen 3 R9 3950, 64gb's of DDR4 3600, an EVGA 2080ti Black Edition, ROG Spatha RGB mouse, and a new desk since the old one was literally held together with ratchet straps All i have left to acquire before I put together the new build are a few storage upgrades, replacing the last 500gb sata HDD in tower with a 4tb cav black and getting a gen 4 m.2 as a boot drive. Now, this is where I FINALLY get to my question, where do I go for the best PCIe gen 4 m.2 to use as an OS drive? My first thought was Samsung since the sata III 850 evo I've using as an OS drive has been flawless for the last 5 years, and the 970 evo m.2 I've been using as a gaming drive for a bit over a year now has been equally impressive, but they don't offer any gen 4 drives. Seagate FireCuda 520 has good reviews but I've had nothing but bad luck with their platter drives over the years all the way back to the early 00's, so I'm a bit hesitant to pull the trigger on that. Sabrent Rocket is cheaper, comes with a heatsink, is equally well reviewed, and boasts some impressive looking transfer speeds. I've only heard of them as a manufacturer of smart phone accessories though, and was wondering if anyone here has had any hands on experience with their SSD's My other 2 options appear to be increasingly expensive offerings from Gigabyte (who I've also had bad luck with recently) and Corsair (who I've had great luck with, but it comes at a MUCH higher price point)
  14. Was about to ask this question myself, still debating on doing the free upgrade, been using 7 64 bit for over 5 years now, just did a fresh install of 7 2 weeks ago since my SSD took a dump, if I do upgrade I might wait a little bit do to recent mass driver install / upgrade trauma.
  15. $10 in gas and a can of fix-a-flat, thanks random drunk guy that tossed a liquor bottle into my alley!
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